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In 1985 Fama made an astounding debut, and soon earned recognition as one of the most dominating bands in the Tejano industry across the nation. A string of career hit singles came their way in the mid '90s' when "Lagrimas De Alegria", "Quiero Volverte A Ver", "Querer Tu Amor", "Te Voy A Enseñar", "Ojitos Color Cafe", "Amor Perdoname", "Boulevard De Sueños" and "Llorando" dominated the airwaves as they spent numerous weeks atop Tejano and Latin Billboard airplay charts, earning numerous awards and nominations from BMI, Premios Lo Nuestro, and Univision's Premios A La Musica Latina. In the process, Fama also appeared on numerous internation al Latin television programs such as: Despierta America, El Gordo y La Flaca, Escadalo TV, Padrisimo, Control, and Sabado Gigante. Statistically speaking, Fama have scaled unbelievable heights, carving a permanent place in the music scene. Fama are one of the few artists to have shattered international barriers. With 18 recorded albums, of which four were certified gold, three platinum, and one double platinum, it is undeniably clear of how or why FAMA's fans by the thousands have responded positively and passionately. Fama's last album entitled "Nostalgia" solidified their commitment to their music, their style, and their fans. As that CD proved, they are stronger than ever. This commitment to their fans, without question, displays another measurement of the talent and versatility that will genuinely take Fama to new heights of achievement in their musical career. In August 2009 longtime singer Javier Galvan retired from secular music to pursue ministry full time. Relinquishing rights to the band, name and organization to John Barraza and Eddie Dominguez, Javier demonstrated his commitment to passing the torch. Fama continues its saga as a band whose music has truly stood the test of time. Fama's sound represents the past, present and future of their genre.

Fama Official Facebook Grupo Fama. Fabian Lozano Photography